The Old ‘Mice Ate 1,100 Pounds of Marijuana in the Police Station Evidence Room, Again’, Excuse.

Rats have been blamed for many things, from drinking beer, to eating currency and ruining clothes. Now, the latest allegation against the four-legged, long-tailed rodent is the consumption of cannabis at a police warehouse of all places. The Mathura Police in Uttar Pradesh accuses rats of “eating” more than 581 kg of marijuana, which was found last month and was subsequently scheduled to be produced in court. The entire cannabis loot was kept at the highway and Sher Garh police stations’ warehouses and was worth a total of Rs 60 lakh (over 70,000 U.S dollars). According to the policemen in charge, the rodents consumed 80% of the total loot until they (the policemen) decided to destroy the rest. Descriptions of the precise sequence of activities that took place after the rats allegedly consumed the cannabis, however, are a bit vague.